Credit, Loans, and Funding for Businesses and IT Projects


Our Business & Personal Loans Build Credit 

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Our Cyber Certified division specializes in funding IT Projects, Including GRC Compliance Cyber insurance and AI 

Secure Funding and credit

Our Senior Saff has over 20 years in Mortgage Loans, Credit, Financing and Insurance. Computer credentials include more than 15 years in IT with Data Privacy Compliance focused on GRC handling PII, HIPPA and PCI Transaction Security.

build credit and fund loans

Small businesses can expand, buy equipment and Factor Invices. We have businesses build credit while funding. Get the money to start or expand your business. We fund payrolls, equipment acqusitions, even incubator start up projects.

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Our history

Our staff has worked for years at financial organzations like Citizens bank, Citigroup, Vanguard and Berkshire Hathaway.

We also have staff that supported computer systems at Microsoft, ExxonMobil, and Verizon. We are Certified with the knowledge and experience to help you with financial loans and credit, while protecting your data and information securely. Our goal is to get you the funding as quickly as you need it. We can  help you build your credit to get the funding at the reasonable rates. US based but can get funding for Canada and Mexico.

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Money brings New possibilities for your business and life

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